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Équateur Ecuador considers legal actions against spying on private communications


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Ecuador said Tuesday it was considering taking legal actions against the "hacking" of private communications and e-mail accounts of high officials, including President Rafael Correa.

Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino told local radio that "Yes, we are considering it. We have to see exactly what we can do, what types of legal actions to take in such a case, against whom and where to present them."

His comments came after state-run news service Andes revealed the contents of private communications between high-ranking Ecuadorian officials, including Correa, citing a report broadcast by U.S.-based Spanish-language television channel Univision.

The communications were all in relation to U.S. intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden's request for political asylum from Ecuador, it said.

Patino said his government did not know exactly when the spying began, but the Univision report confirmed Ecuador had been spied on.

"Through the information it (Univision) reveals, it alerts us that our e-mails are totally hacked," Patino said.

The minister condemned the secret surveillance, saying that "it shows and confirms that the espionage is massive (and) that there is no respect for the privacy of our correspondence."

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