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Ghana Ghana - The Western Togoland activists deny an allegation of assault of policemen over their issues.


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The Western Togoland Governing Council (WTLGovC) has disclaimed the report that alleges an assault on some policemen on Wednesday in the Volta region of Ghana

In a press release issued on September 10, 2020, this group of people who wish to establish a country between Togo and Ghana for so many reasons, refute the allegations of the “Policeman beaten brutally in the Volta region over the western Togoland” issue.

« The Council upon reading the news launched an investigation into the alleged assault as reported and found out that this story was not true. In one of the video clips in circulation, some group of policemen were seen among a crowd shooting in the air. This did not happen in any part of the Volta Region of the Western Togoland.» stated the press release.

The sympathisers of “Western Togoland independence” said
Ever since this independence campaign started they promised that “ inspite of the wounds of 1956 plebiscite atrocities which saw ” lots of their people “gunned down on their own land by forces from Gold Coast constabulary regiment and the West African frontier force because these people wanted to be on their own,” They're never going to engage Ghana in any act of fighting till their
demands are met.

The deputy P.R.O of HSGF (The Homeland Study Group Foundation) which represent the movement for self-determination, secession and independence of Western Togoland, Mr George Nyakpo told Icilome that their foundation is facing a lot of challenges to meet its goal, especially under the regime of Nana Akufo-Addo (from December 2016).

This has led HSGF to become a Member of The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) since 2017. It is an international membership based organization established to empower the voices of unrepresented and marginalized peoples worldwide and to protect their fundamental human rights.

Mensah A.

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